Original Jury Art & Commentary

By an interesting coincidence I was working on some jury drawings (attached to this post) when I was asked about my thoughts regarding a grand jury case developing in Kansas. This is the case of a bronze sculpture standing in Overland Park. Called “Accept or Reject”, and created by Yu Chang, the sculpture is a mostly nude, headless female form pointing a camera at herself. Thousands of concerned citizens have signed a petition requesting that the sculpture be removed from the park because it is “too mature for young eyes” and “does not belong in a nature park” frequented by children. The matter will now go to a grand jury who will examine whether the placement of the sculpture in the park offends a misdemeanor obscenity law. For my thoughts on the matter and the opinions of others see The Huffington Post article.

Oddly enough, this current Kansas development reminded me of one closer to home. In 2005 a wonderful sculpture of a nude male carrying a suitcase was placed in Penticton, B.C.. That sculpture is called Frank the Baggage Handler. The hostility of observers toward this piece of art was so intense that the city covered up Frank’s own, smaller bag, if you get the drift, but even then the sculpture was vandalized. It was eventually re-located to a nearby winery.

My my my. What great offence the nude body causes so many: the mere flesh one’s born in, the skin one scrubs clean, the water-proof wrapping-paper for our aging bones.

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