Tiddlywinks Is Here, I’m Away

frankjudydrugdeal2 001My illustrated novel, Tough Tiddlywinks, has finally arrived. It is currently available for purchase at Langara College bookstore on 49th Avenue, at Pulp Fiction on Main Street, and at the People’s Co-Op Bookstore on Commercial Street — all in Vancouver.

I am also off to the Western Society of Criminology conference next week, where I will be part of a panel discussion on American drug law. My paper wades into the legalization debate. It considers the inordinate death toll of Mexicans who supply the American market and asks whether American consumers of recreational drugs should be given the choice of buying ethically — of buying, that is, from legalized domestic sources, as is the case in Denver. My paper notes President Obama’s commitment to finding ‘clean’ sources of supply for American energy demands, and asks why the President is so reluctant to provide clean sources of American recreational drug demand. We’ll see how this goes over.

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