Adams’ Rib, or is it Rub?


FrankguiltyRyanfreedgrayscale 001 (2)Here’s a quick newsflash for everyone around the world who is interested in Canadian federal politics — that’s right, all six or seven of you, please pay attention.  There’s been a development of biblical proportions.

Eve Adams’ rightful place in the Garden of Eden is being questioned.  With all those oak trees on Parliament Hill as canopy, the suspicion is that the fallen MP indulged in a piece of tempting, low-hanging fruit herself — something to do with the nomination process for the Oakville riding (could politics get more nail-biting?) — but we’ll have to wait and see what the investigation reveals.

My guess is that, Canadian federal politics being what they currently are, the investigation will confirm the central parable of Genesis:  If born from a rib there must be a rub.






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