Court of Apples

I thank Li Eng-Lodge, who produced my book, for taking this beautiful photograph of my book’s cover.

My illustrated book, Court of Apples, is now in the world. It is a custom-made book (in terms of size, paper quality, et cetera) so it cannot currently be printed on-demand. My book tells the story of some ants who get sued for trespassing on a king’s apple orchard. The king’s son, Prince Eifel, helps the ants go through the court process, from the District Court to the Court of Apples, so my story provides young readers with a whimsical education about the legal system and some ecological insights along the way.

I have another website called A Picture’s Worth Press and you can learn more about the book there.

My book is available for purchase at some local Vancouver bookstores (Kidsbooks in Kitsilano, and Spartacus Book and the Peoples Co-Op on Commercial Drive) and at the Little Bookshop in Squamish, BC. It can also be purchased by contacting me by email and making the transaction via PayPal or eTransfer. I can ship it to you. Have a great day!


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3 responses to “Court of Apples

  1. Carol Dalenko

    I’m curious about how you came up with the title. Former (late) North Carolina Chief Supreme Court Judge Beverly Lake used “Court of Apples” on occasion to refer jokingly to the NC Court of Appeals, and sometimes appropriately so. (U.S.A.)

    • Hi Carol, Some of us lawyers in Vancouver BC also lightheartedly refer to our Court of Appeal as the Court of Apples, which is what gave me the idea to write an educational book about the legal process for kids. Would you be interested to read the book?

      • Carol Dalenko

        I’d love to read it. Right now, I’m quite busy picking through rotten apples in the NC Court of Appeals. It’s great that you wrote the book. So little education about the courts is given in schools.

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