CHRISTOPHER NOWLIN is a writer, painter, criminal lawyer, and teacher.

His most recent novel, Tough Tiddlywinks, was published in February, 2014.  To learn more about it, and how to order it, please see www.apicturesworthpress.com.

A philosophy student at heart, the job market has taught Chris that a courtroom can be a better forum for argument than the soapbox.  His published legal essays address a wide range of issues, from constitutional law, to expert evidence, to undercover operations.

Chris began to paint while teaching law in Newcastle-under-Lyme, in England.  Self-taught, he has moved from acrylics and collage, to water colours and oils.  His artistic influences are varied, but surrealism, shadows and the spaghetti western long-shot provide ample material for his brush.

Chris is an emerging novelist, having written various crime stories in the past.  He has plans for several more to come.

> Click to read Christopher Nowlin’s interview for the Calgary Herald, 2008.