Nowlin, C. Tough Tiddlywinks (Vancouver: A Picture’s Worth Press, 2014).

From BCBOOKLOOK   February 27, 2014:

Tough Tiddlywinks: Two wheels good; four wheels bad


Tough Tiddlywinks investigates the murder of a sleazeball Vancouver real estate developer named “Condo King” Donald Dickerson in the wake of the 2008 US stock market Even though many people would have liked to see this philanderer off the planet, police arrest a First Nations man, Ryan Ghostkeeper, who is found with the murder weapon, a knife. A hung jury prompts Vancouver Police Sergeant Sandra Wolychenski to reevaluate the case and investigate a member of an anti-development group called The Resistance, Slim Jimmy, among a cadre of hard-core bicyclists. Two wheels good; four wheels bad. Nowlin’s background in law permeates this whodunnit that serves as a showpiece for his art.


Nowlin, C.  To See The Sky (Vancouver: Granville Island Press, 2008).

Number One on the “Pages on Kensington” Bestseller List — Week of March 12, 2008

Lawyer Joe Newbury may have the biggest case of his career, defending the father of the missing Bloomsburg children. However, Joe’s life and the case get more complicated as he begins a relationship with Demme, a woman whose search for her missing past ties into environmental issues arising from the run-up to the world’s greatest athletic event in 2010. Echoing Greek mythology, the politics of the city intertwine with the personal lives of its residents as they search for truth, meaning, and belonging. Faith battles with reason to find solutions to personal questions, ecological destruction, and the unknown fate of the two missing children.

“Nowlin’s book is far more than a simple mystery story: From the title – clearly a play on the notorious highway to Whistler – to the shady dealings underpinning Vancouver’s Olympics, Nowlin has captured the corrupt essence of all things Olympic.  Whether you see it as a mystery story or as a dark allegory to the 2010 Games, the book is a lot of fun.”

– Christopher Shaw, author of Five Ring Circus

“With well-drawn characters and an enigmatic story, Nowlin pulls you into a compelling adventure.  Replete with mythological allusions and quirky but likable characters, To See the Sky is a fun read.”

– Daniel Kalla, international best-selling author of PandemicResistanceRage Therapy and Blood Lies

“Suspense and mystery.  Reality blends with fiction as the real life struggles at Eagleridge Bluffs and the Sea to Sky soar off into the unknown…a great read.”

– Betty Krawczyk, author of Lock Me Up or Let Me Go and Clayoquot: The Sound of My Heart

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