I began painting in the summer of 2000, in the small town of Newcastle-under-Lyme, in Staffordshire, England.  One evening a dream-like image occurred to me of a man sleeping peacefully – perhaps permanently – in a High Street office building, while the townspeople outside carried on busily and indifferently.  I decided to try my hand at reproducing this image on paper, and by trial and error eventually completed the acrylic painting I call Still Life.  With subsequent encouragement and support from friends and strangers alike, I began to make more paintings.

All is Fair by Christopher Nowlin

Although my images have a surrealistic quality, they are inspired by the works of a wide variety of artists, such as those of Hieronymus Bosch, Giorgio de Chirico, René Magritte, Edward Hopper, and Joseph Cornell.  They also draw from the cinematography of noir films and Sergio Leone westerns.

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